Vodafone releases details about Australian Spotify bundle

spotify logo square canvasVodafone and Spotify announced an Australian partnership in early October, and today more details emerged about how the two services will support each other. Customers on Vodafone’s Red plans will have access to Spotify Premium for free. The amount of time customers will have the free Premium service — from six months to 24 months — depends on the plan they choose. Also, while the subscription to the streaming service might be free, the data usage is not: Spotify will count toward these plan’s data limits.

Many streaming platforms are seeking the financial support and audience base of telecoms, but the various partnerships have included a surprising amount of range in their fine print. Compare this latest update on Vodafone/Spotify with T-Mobile’s Music Freedom approach, which offers unmetered data streaming for its partner streaming platforms. Or Spotify’s U.S. tie-up with Sprint, which offers discounted Premium membership after the free trial period for select plans. It’ll take time to know which approach will yield the best results, but for now, the rush to find a telecom bundle at home and abroad doesn’t seem about to wane.

Anna Washenko