Veritonic releases software for analyzing the efficacy of audio

Audio research and analytics platform Veritonic is announcing the release of an API (Application Programming Interface) for accessing the company’s “audio scoring.” In this context “scoring” refers to a proprietary system of grading audio attributes and effectiveness. Those attributes include recall, engagement, and intent.

Verticonic would like audio publishers to make scoring-informed decisions about when and where to use audio assets, and how they can be further optimized. Types of audio assets which can benefit from Veritonic’s scoring include audio logos, audio ads, podcast ads, functional sounds, music, podcast clips, voiceovers, and more.

Veritonic’s underlying tech for the Audio Score system is called M-LAL — Machine Listening and Learning.

“We remain committed to providing the audio industry with seamless access to the data and insights that are elevating campaign performance and increasing ROI,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic.  “Our API enables critical audio efficacy metrics to sit alongside an asset for the first time, unlocking unprecedented scale and making analysis and decision-making faster and more streamlined than ever before.”


Brad Hill