TuneIn prescribes listening for post-“Serial” withdrawal

TuneIn_Logo_2000px copy NEW LOGO 2014The well publicized success of audio programming Serial, which achieved cult status and breakthrough metrics for a pureplay podcast (online only, not an archived radio show), has the podcast industry hoping for rising tide which lifts all boats. It’s not only podcast creators looking at 2015 as a potential growth year for the category. Distribution platforms have much to gain from an anticipated surge of interest in on-demand talk-based audio.

TuneIn is promoting “Other Binge-Worthy Podcasts” for Serial fans wanting to discover a new addiction. One of the recommendations is Welcome to Night Vale, already a semi-underground (semi-above-ground?) hit. It has benefited from outstanding critical review, and, though fictional, might attract a new bingeing audience. After all, isn’t binge consumption largely fueled by discovering a program that has been running for a while, and catching up?

The other recommendations are Criminal, WNYC’s LiesHowSound, and Reply All.

Brad Hill