Triton Podcast Ranker for February: Three new shows in a hundred

Audiences move slowly. That is true in all mediums generally, and specifically in podcasting. The latest Triton Digital US Podcast Report (which measures Triton clients) shows only three new shows in 100 listed, all three in the bottom twenty. They are:

  • The Trial of Alex Murdaugh (#80)
  • HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast (#91)
  • Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep (#94)

In the top ten, NPR News Now (#1) received the most average weekly downloads — certainly helped by its hyper-frequent release schedule. NPR News Now pushed out 672 episodes during the reporting period. The entire top ten represents the same shows (notwithstanding some shuffling of positions) except for SmartLess which nudged up to #10 from #11 in the previous month.


Sales representation is documented in the report. SXM Media represents 30 shows on this list, which takes the lead in that view. Wondery handles 17 of the top 100 podcasts, and National Public Media (NPM) reps 15 of them.

We like to break it down further, to see how many episodes are handled by each of the sales companies. In that view, NPM naturally takes a towering lead (1,007 episodes), thanks in part to all thoseĀ NPR News Now episodes.

The report is free, HERE.


Brad Hill