Triton Digital webinar to host David Oxenford in CRB demystification

david oxenford canvasTriton Digital will host broadcast law attorney David Oxenford in an interactive webinar on Monday, December 21, at 3pm. Titled¬†The New Streaming Music Rates; Everything You Need to Know, the 30-minute session will include an interview with Oxenford on key points of this week’s CRB rate ruling, with questions from attendees at the end.

We spoke with John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton. “We were having an internal conversation about how to communicate CRB details to our own folks and clients,” Rosso said. “Then we thought, why not do it publicly as a service, with David. I’m sure a lot of people have the same questions I have!”

The agenda will cover the background of the Copyright Royalty Board rate-setting process, to bring everyone up to speed on how webcasting performance royalties to labels are determined. Then, a segment will dig into what will change on January 1, who is affected among webcasters and rights-holders, and other essentials. A final discussion area will cover the issues faced by small webcasters, and changes in reporting requirements.

Q&A with the audience will be opened at the end.

To register for the webinar, GO HERE. The session will be archived on the Triton Digital blog.


Brad Hill


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