NPR rises, iHeartRadio dips in Triton Streaming Metrics (January)

Triton Digital’s Streaming Metrics monthly ranker of measured streaming entities is out for January streaming, and shows iHeartRadio in its newly established leading position, but with a dip over the past two months. NPR, meanwhile, approached 100,000 Average Active Sessions (AAS), Triton’s measurement of average simultaneous streams.

iHeartRadio became the ranker’s leading streaming entity two months ago when Pandora left the Top 20. Triton’s monthly ranking includes the company’s clients. Pandora’s exit reshaped the trendlines, making iHeartRadio the new and dominant Top-20 leader. There is also more breathing room in the chart to reveal other radio properties.

Month-over month measurement for the entire group shows a one-percent rise in streaming activity. NPR was the biggest mover with a 21% gain, while iHeartRadio slid 7%.



Brad Hill