Triton Digital streaming audio measurement certified by ACPM

Triton Digital is announcing that its measurement of French-language digital audio streams has been certified by the France-based Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM) association, whose mission is to provide industry-standard measures to certify the audiences of any media that seeks to attract advertisers, including digital radio, websites, applications, podcasts.

The ACPM provides its  own measurement services in the digital audio space, with a related mission to be a third-party certifier of measurement standards.

“We are incredibly proud to achieve ACPM certification,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “With our proven record as the industry standard for high quality online audio measurement, this is a significant and meaningful milestone for both our global business and the industry at large, reassuring our clients that the data that our world-class streaming audio measurement service provides remains both reliable and credible by certifying organizations around the world.”

Triton was also one of the first IAB certified podcast measurement services.

Brad Hill