Triton Digital partners with Frequency Creative Management Platform

Triton Digital tells us today of a new partnership with Frequency, whose Creative Management Platform helps audio publishers produce, manage, and deliver audio creative. This platform will be available to Triton’s publishing partners.

Frequency also touts its data capabilities, which enable real-time decision making which can personalize ads and their distribution, and deliver ads based on performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with Triton Digital, one of the cornerstone technology providers for digital audio,” said Pete Jimison, CEO at Frequency. “We are proud that through this partnership, we can quickly deploy our solutions to the ecosystem, greatly improving audio advertising for publishers, advertisers and listeners.”

“Frequency is writing the next chapter for audio advertising, where the combination of data and creative drives the ad experience,” said John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton Digital. “In addition, Frequency’s unique digital audio creative management platform will greatly simplify workflows on both the buy and sell side.”

Brad Hill