Triton Digital a2x exchange added to MobPro

Triton Digital’s programmatic audio ad exchange, a2x, is being integrated with MobPro, a mobile media agency based in Amsterdam. This deal will offer MobPro advertisers the option to include online audio in their programmatic purchases.

“The streaming audio industry is burgeoning in the Netherlands,” said Benjamin Masse, Triton Digital’s managing director of market development and strategy. “We are proud to have integrated MobPro with a2x, and look forward to helping their buyers leverage this growing and powerful medium to extend their reach and increase the efficiency of their omnichannel buys.”

“Nowadays, consumers are all over the place, moving across all sorts of mobile platforms and apps at the speed of light. Our challenge is creating meaningful brand experiences for our advertisers across all of these platforms with content that seamlessly fits the user experience,” said Dominiek van Esse, Managing Director at MobPro. “With the integration of Triton Digital and the a2x marketplace, we’ve further expanded our horizons when it comes to bringing together brands and their audiences on smartphones. Our advertisers were very enthusiastic hearing about the latest audio developments, and look forward to reaching consumers through mobile radio campaigns.”

Anna Washenko