TrackDrip streaming service launches in Suriname

A new streaming service has launched for listeners in Suriname. The South American country is home to a new platform called TrackDrip. The service has a free tier and a premium subscription option for those who want offline access. It has audio and video, as well as user-generated content. Following the rollout in Suriname, TrackDrip is slated to roll out to listeners across the Caribbean and Latin America.

TrackDrip is powered by Tuned Global, and it implements a full turnkey solution from the B2B company. Tuned Global supports several small-scale streaming projects, including recent efforts such as Tunelet in Africa, alongside branded campaigns.

“Our in-depth understanding of the unique needs and consumption habits of our target audiences within the local music communities, in combination with the latest technology by Tuned Global, enables our TrackDrip application to grow at an accelerated pace and keep a mass-market approach to user acquisition in our territories,” TrackDrip Co-Founder Phill Tevreden said.

Many international streaming services are working to expand their footprints, including into small markets or ones with limited wireless connectivity. But some listeners may find that domestic options offer better selections of local artists and understanding of local tastes. Global brands often hire extensive curation teams to cater to new markets, but may not have the resources to put towards smaller countries.

Anna Washenko