Podcasts are new but well-trusted by listeners in the UAE, survey finds

A new survey explored how podcasting is taking off in the United Arab Emirates. Broadcast specialist markettiers MENA and global podcasting consultancy 4DC found that the region has 1.3 million regular podcast listeners. Their survey revealed that 16% of the UAE’s adult population are listening to podcasts at least once a week.

For the dedicated audience, podcasts are a trusted source of information. The survey found that 92% of regular listeners trust podcasts more than other forms of traditional media: 89% for radio and 86% for television.

“The trust that podcast listeners place in the content they are listening to, represents a huge opportunity that brands shouldn’t ignore,” said Cheryl King, managing director at markettiers MENA. “Although the podcast scene in the region is still in its relative infancy, it is clear that it is primed to take off, and forward-thinking brands can get ahead of the curve and capitalise on the appetite for this medium which is undergoing a renaissance like we’ve never seen before.”

Anna Washenko

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