Tokyo FM Broadcasting partners broadly with AdsWizz for tech and ad repping

Tokyo FM is the flagship radio station of Japan FM (39 stations), and is making a joint partnership announcement with AdsWizz. There are two main components to the alliance:

  • AdsWizz brings programmatic technology to Tokyo FM’s newly launched Wiz Radio app
  • Tokyo FM becomes the representative of AdsWizz’s AdWave marketplace, managing and selling its entire inventory to Japanese advertisers.

The announcement notes that Japan is the second-largest music market (citing the IFPI’s latest report), and that digital audio via apps and podcasts is increasingly attractive to advertisers.

“The powerful combination of Tokyo FM’s leadership as a radio broadcaster and an advertising powerhouse, with AdsWizz leading adserving and programmatic platforms, will provide brands in Japan with personalized and interactive ways to connect to their music and radio audiences,” said AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer.

Katsumi Chiyo, President of Tokyo FM, emphasized the value to advertisers: “Selecting AdsWizz technology as our programmatic solution will enable audio targeting with brand safety not only within Tokyo FM but to all radio content across Japan. As the leader of programmatic digital audio ad market, we are proud to offer a new product to advertisers that is second to none.”

Brad Hill