Tidal is bundling its full music service into Plex

Tidal has entered into a deal with personal media library Plex. The streaming service has been fully integrated into Plex, the first company of its kind to do so. This means that Plex users who enjoy the app for organizing their music libraries may also subscribe to Tidal within Plex, and add stream listening.

In addition to making the entire Tidal library available through Plex’s mobile and TV apps, the recommendation and discovery engines of Tidal and Plex will be able to work together, promising better suggested listening. Subscribing to the Plex Pass access tier will also get a discount on Tidal subscriptions.

Plex also announced a beta test of podcasts earlier this year. The audio format is available for free with a Plex account, although paying subscribers also get access to television, movies, and music.

Anna Washenko