The Podcast Exchange to manage ads for HowStuffWorks in Canada

The Podcast Exchange announced that it will partner with HowStuffWorks to provide advertising services in Canada. Under the terms of the deal, TPX will have first right to market and sell ads for shows in the HowStuffWorks podcast network. Earlier in the summer, HowStuffWorks landed a similar arrangement with Whooshkaa for the Australian market.

“This agreement signifies growing confidence in TPX’s position as Canada’s leader in podcast advertising,” TPX President and CEO Jean-Marie Heimrath said. “Our value-add includes published research and in-house expertise to help agencies research, craft, target and curate successful and uniquely Canadian podcast advertising campaigns.”

“As HowStuffWorks grows year over year, launching new hit shows every month to add to our stable of mega-hits like Stuff You Should Know and Atlanta Monster, we are seeing our audience growing around the world, too – and Canada is no exception,” said Conal Byrne, president and CEO of HowStuffWorks. “We want to deliver not just the best content for these fans, but the most relevant, highest-quality advertising. We have full confidence in TPX to help get us there in the Canadian market.”

Anna Washenko