The Podcast Exchange launches to match Canadian podcasts with advertisers

A three-person podcast agency called The Podcast Exchange (TPX) has launched in Canada, with the mission of connecting podcasts with advertisers. Three founding members are involved in the venture:

Jean-Marie Heimrath: President and CEO, and a former broadcast executive.

Jeff Ulster: Chief Content and Technology Officer. Ulster produced The Canadian Podcast Listener, a study of 4,00o Canadians.

Bob Kane: VP of Sales. A specialist is creating marketing solutions for advertisers.

The Podcast Exchange stands in the middle ground between podcast publishers and marketers, and intends to better fertilize that middle ground by matching content to advertising. Agencies, advertisers, and podcasters are invited to submit a request for information at the company’s website.

“We identify and nurture win-win scenarios, marrying the content Canadians are listening to with advertising and branding opportunities that have relevance to Canadian listeners,” according to TPX. The premise is that the Canadian podcast audience is under-recognized.

TPX hopes to lift the category as a whole by developing connections between sellers and buyers. Providing metrics is part of the operation’s maxim of “research-driven strategy.”

Brad Hill


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