Guvera officially acquires Blinkbox Music

Rumors started circulating last month about Blinkbox Music coming under Guvera’s wing, and those speculations were confirmed today. Guvera has purchased the music streaming platform from UK retailer Tesco. Financial terms of the deal were not released. The music service has 2.5 million registered users for its app and delivers about 100 million streams a month. Continue Reading

U.K’s Tesco sells Blinkbox video service; music service could be next

Beleaguered retailer Tesco, which owns 3,300 stores in the U.K., and a portfolio of media assets under the Blinkbox brand, has reportedly sold its video Blinkbox service to phone company TalkTalk. Blinkbox Music, which announced a million streams last September, is not part of the deal, but a buyer is reportedly lined up. Continue Reading