Steve Goldstein: Why a Podcast Without a Strategy is Likely to Fail

by Steve Goldstein
In this guest column, Steve Goldstein lays out some Reality with a capital R for new and would-be podcasters. “The truth is well-funded companies with tools, talent, and resources at their disposal often fall into a similar trap of introducing merely adequate content along with vanilla marketing.” Steve itemizes three critical strategic components. A must-read column.
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Steve Goldstein: Previously Audio was on Nobody’s Radar – In 2020 it was on Everyone’s Radar

by Steve Goldstein
In this year-in-review guest column, Steve Goldstein ruminates on audio’s growth from outdated also-ran in the media universe, to an essential component of the media mix. And the audio story is more than just Spotify and SiriusXM. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: How to improve podcast listening on 60 million smart speakers. A talk with Tom Webster.

by Steve Goldstein
In this guest column, Steve Goldstein chats with Edison Research SVP and ubiquitous keynote speaker Tom Webster about the podcast experience through smart speakers. the conversation is informed by stats and charts from the Edison/NPR Smart Audio Report. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: Music Finally Meets Podcasts

by Steve Goldstein
In this guest column, Steve Goldstein discusses spotify’s new feature which allows music into podcasts, via the Anchor service. He recognizes the important (while noting some clunkiness in the end product), and also notes that broadcast radio has spent years decreasing the role of “the passionate musicologist DJ’s of FM radios early days.” Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: The host-read ad dominates podcasting, but ad tech is rapidly changing that

by Steve Goldstein
In this guest column, Steve Goldstein interviews Bryan Barletta, author of the Sounds Profitable newsletter, which examines advertising technology. Click through for a discussion of data, privacy, geo-targeting, a forecast of podcast programmatic advertising … and much more. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: How to Know When to Pull The Plug on Your Podcast

by Steve Goldstein
Everyone knows about podfades, podcasts that start but don’t continue due to lack of initiative. “Many are started on a whim; some creators hope for instant stardom and riches,” Steve Goldstein observes. But this column is about making a strategic choice to end a podcast run. “The ongoing question for podcast producers and creators to ask when thinking of pulling the plug is whether a show is on its way up, sideways, or out.” Goldstein itemizes and explains six decision points in this important column. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Chartapalooza — Why Every Podcast Chart Is So Different

by Steve Goldstein
Podcast success charts have multiplied, and it’s understandable if your confusion has multiplied along with them. Steve Goldstein is undaunted, as he accepts the challenge of untangling who is measuring what, and explaining why the competing rankers (there are at least eight of them) differ. An illuminating column. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: What’s next on Spotify’s shopping list?

by Steve Goldstein
“The podcast wars are here,” says Steve Goldstein in this guest column. With comparisons to baseball, TV, and satellit radio, Goldstein lays out the anatomy of podcasting’s new competitive parameters. It’s not about just getting users to sign up for Premium service — Daniel Ek is going after radio. Read this exceptional anlysis. Continue Reading