Growing Radio’s Digital Share Is The Answer

In this guest column, RAIN Enterprises CEO Jennifer Lane explains why it’s crucial to focus on digital platforms. Core spot revenue is still important to the industry, but recent news developments indicate that broadcasters would be well served to be aggressive in growing their share of the digital pie. Continue Reading

Conversation with Ryan Farish: New paths to music success

by Brad Hill

Ryan Farish is an electronic-music composer and producer, a pioneer of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre which is surging in popularity, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. He coined the defining sub-genre of his music as Positive Chillout, a category now in use by other musicians.

Farish will be featured onstage at RAIN Summit Indy, September 9 in Indianapolis, in a panel titled “EDM: Streaming a New Path to Success.” In anticipation, RAIN spoke with Ryan Farish by phone, asking about how his star career unfolded without the traditional leverage of broadcast radio or a major-label deal. Continue Reading