Survey: Smart speaker owners listen to more radio and more streaming audio

Integr8 Research published the second part of its investigation into radio listening. The first part examined crossover between owning physical radio sets and streaming audio habits, and the new data looks specifically at listening among people who own smart speakers.

Overall, audio consumption is high for people who own smart speakers. In the 15-39 age bracket, 22% listen to the streaming audio from a local FM channel. For smart speaker owners in that demographic, the rate is 34%. Rates were also higher among device owners for listening to specific streaming audio platforms.

Spotify use was 50% among device owners compared with 43% for all listeners, and Pandora saw 48% for device owners and 40% for all listeners. Among the smaller streaming services, the disparity was even larger. Smart speaker owners reported 33% using Apple Music, 33% using Amazon Music, and 24% using Google Play Music. The results for all participants in using those services were 18%, 12%, and 10%.

“The bottom line: Local FM radio stations are wise to secure their place in the smart speaker ecosystem, but they face stiff competition for listeners’ ears on the platform,” Integr8 Research President Matt Bailey wrote in the blog post detailing the results.

Anna Washenko

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