Quick Hits: Apple’s podcast front page. New numbers from Gaana.

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Measuring the impact of Apple promotion on a new podcast: The Podcast Host shares some anecdotal evidence about the impact of being listed on Apple’s New and Noteworthy podcast landing page. The Hostile Worlds show had recently debuted when it was put on the podcast distributor’s list, as well as being the subject of a tweet from Apple. This breakdown of numbers and downloads helps show how much of a boost the promotion might mean for a show.

Gaana shares some milestones: Gaana reached 40 million monthly users in September. Satyan Gajwani, vice chairman of parent company Times Internet, announced the milestone for the India-centric streaming service in a tweet. He also said Gaana had grown nearly threefold in the past year and is one of the fastest-growing branches of the Times Internet portfolio. The Gaana Originals campaign appears to be driving success for the service. This project showcases non-film work by Bollywood artists and other Indian composers. Gajwani tweeted that Gaana Originals had more than 20 million plays in five weeks.

Anna Washenko


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