Survey: Digital listening is growing in the car, as radio still leads

am car radio canvasA new survey from Music Biz Consumer Insights and LOOP examined the growing role of digital audio for millennial drivers. Respondents aged 34 and younger are more likely to listen to digital audio in vehicles; 28% said they had streamed Internet radio in their cars in the past week, and the same percentage listened to digital files. From the overall responses, just 15% said they had listened to Internet radio in the car in the previous week and 18% said they’d streamed digital files.

The Music Biz Consumer Insights and LOOP survey also found that 31% of the general population owns a device that can play mobile audio in cars. For the respondents 34 and younger, the rate jumped to 43%. In addition, 55% of the people in that age bracket use the tech every day. For the general respondents, the rate of daily use is just 48%.

Even though digital use posted good results, AM/FM radio is still strong. Three-quarters of all drivers said they had listened to terrestrial radio in their cars in the past week. Meanwhile, CD player use was lower, with 38% of respondents using them in the past week and just 23% using them daily.

“We are happy to see new digital formats gaining ground as auto manufacturers make it easier for drivers to access them, while AM/FM radio maintains such a robust audience in the face of abundant change,” Music Biz President James Donio said. “Going forward, we must ensure that all in-car formats continue to work together to best satisfy music lovers on the go.”

Anna Washenko