Spotify unlocks 150,000 audiobooks for free listening, with limits

Spotify broadened its audio scope with the addition of 300,000+ audiobooks in September of last year. [RAIN coverage HERE.] The model then was a-la-carte pricing per book.

Today, Spotify announces the unlocking of more than 150,000 titles, making them free to Premium subscribers. But there remains a limitation: 15 hours of listening per month. Users can spread that allotment over an unlimited number of titles — so nibbling is allowed. If you need more than 15 hours, Spotify says “you can purchase a 10-hour top-up to finish that series.”


“This means eligible users are now getting even more from their Premium subscriptions: an on-demand catalog of more than 100 million tracks, 5 million podcasts, and over 150,000 audiobooks.” –Spotify PR


And one more wrinkle: U.S. Premium users have to wait until “later this year.” The grand unlocking applies only to U.K. and Australian listeners.


Brad Hill