Spotify has 100 million active users

spotify logo March2016 canvasSpotify has surpassed 100 million active users, a representative confirmed to RAIN News. It’s a big milestone for the streaming service. At the end of 2015, Spotify had 89 million active users, including about 28 million paying subscribers. That means the company is adding about 1.8 million active users a month.

By March, subscriber numbers had edged up to 30 million, so Spotify is seeing continued growth in that valuable subset of users. Today’s audience announcement didn’t include a breakdown of free tier versus paid tier, so 30 million is the most current subscriber figure available. That puts Spotify at double the paying users of Apple Music, which has accrued 15 million subscribers in its first year, and 10 times the 3 million subscribers at Tidal.

Anna Washenko