Spotify opens its podcast section to all podcasters with Spotify for Podcasts

Spotify has launched a beta test for a new dedicated portal for podcasts. Spotify for Podcasters lets any users distribute their shows to the streaming service by submitting their RSS feeds. with no editorial approval needed. NOTE: A spokesperson for Spotify told RAIN News that in fact there is an evaluation process for uploaded podcasts. The dashboard also offers daily statistics and analytics about a show’s complete catalog or individual episodes in addition to back-end management. Spotify boasts millions of podcast listeners and offers categories to help producers encourage discovery.

The beta test appears to be open to any podcasters. Spotify acknowledges in the FAQ for the new portal that it will be adding more features over time. The beta label is because “we haven’t yet had a chance to build things we know you need and want.” The company is open to hearing feedback and suggestions for the new feature during the ongoing development process.

Podnews tipped us off to this development, and it also has some insights about how Spotify is handling metrics. Since the streaming platform caches audio, stats from Spotify listens won’t appear in the analytics offer by a regular podcast host and won’t be measured by services such as Podtrac. That caveat applies to podcasts already hosted elsewhere, whose producers want to be exposed to Spotify’s large app audience. For new shows uploading to this platform, Spotify is the host, providing platform-specific analytics just like any other podcast host. CORRECTION: The service requires an existing RSS feed, so Spotify is not acting as an open hosting platform for new shows.

Spotify previously announced a move that would let some independent artists directly upload their music to the streaming platform. In both these developments, Spotify is repositioning itself as more than just an access point for a growing suite of entertainment. The company is muscling into SoundCloud’s territory as an open platform for enterprising artists and podcasters to take control of their own digital distribution. Dedicated podcast hosts in the vein of Libsyn and Blubrry will want to watch this development with an eagle eye.

Anna Washenko


  1. They seem to be more of a directory/podcast player app than a hosting service. While they’re caching your podcasts (and providing analytics on it), you have to have your content hosted somewhere. At least when I just signed up for it now, that was the case.

  2. They are not hosting the media they are still pulling RSS feed just like they have already with all the partners. But this opens up Spotify to podcasters that are not currently with a partner hosting company to submit their shows to Spotify

    • Thanks Todd — we learned about our error (mine, specifically, not Anna’s), and made the correction.

  3. Hi Anna,
    You did get the facts correct on this article. They are not doing podcast hosting – they are simply giving podcasters that self host or are hosting on a non-partner like soundcloud a way to submit their RSS feed. This is in no way them getting into podcast hosting. This is just a way for people to submit their feeds directly to Spotify.

    • Thanks Rob — that was my error; I inserted the sentence and misunderstood the Spotify initiative. Article is corrected.

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