Spotify enters bundle deals for free trials and a concert partnership with Tic Tac

Spotify has been churning out industry partnerships at a break-neck pace for the past several months. The latest updates from the streaming service include four deals to expand access to Spotify Premium and a branded concert deal.

In a blog post, Spotify shared news about four agreements that bundle Spotify Premium trials for new listening audiences. Gamers in the U.S. and the UK who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription are getting a free six-month trial of the paid streaming audio service. Spotify entered a deal with Bouygues Telecom in France for another six-month free Premium trial. The company is also offering a four-month Premium trial to customers of Magazine Luiza’s Magalu Conecta tech service app in Brazil and a 30-day trial for select Vodafone customers in Australia.

The other recent partnership for Spotify is an unusual pairing. The company is producing two branded interactive music events for Tic Tac. The Hear For It shows will be two music-focused experiences in Los Angeles at The Mint. The first night will feature a performance by Ella Vos, and the second night will feature Surfaces. Spotify will also host playlists curated by those artists on its platform.

Anna Washenko