Luminary offering half-off discount for a year of its podcast subscription service

Luminary, a paid subscription platform for podcasts, is now offering listeners a discount for its service. The offer is available to new subscribers until December 4. The rate is available for an entire year and will also grant a month of free listening.

In the United States, it has discounted the rate from $7.99 per month to $3.99 per month.  Australian listeners will get the same terms, with the usual A$7.99 cut to A$3.99 for a year. Canadian listeners will get a slightly bigger discount, with the usual C$8.49 fee cut to C$3.99. The UK offer is a £2.99-per-month subscription rather than £6.99 per month.

Luminary’s debut year has seen some challenges. Even before it launched, the project drew concerns that its ad-free approach would create new problems for creators and listeners alike. The subscription fees are less than the standard rates for either on-demand music or video platforms, but we’ve already seen audiences struggle to convert to paid users when they have many years of expecting content to be free (think of YouTube’s many efforts to have a subscription program stick).

Anna Washenko