Spotify doubling size with new NYC office next year

spotify logo March2016 canvasSpotify is relocating its New York City operations, but the change is happening with a little extra pomp and circumstance. The move was announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Spotify will be benefitting from up to $11 million in rent credits from the Empire State Development Corporation. Even the well-heeled Spotify will need the break to stay in the new office, located on multiple floors of Four World Trade Center.

The streaming service has outgrown its 160,000-square-foot space. When it moves father downtown next year, it will at least double the space to 378,000 square feet (with an option for more) and will double its workforce. The company expects to add 1,000 new jobs to its roster of 800 employees in New York.

There was speculation last fall that Spotify was pondering putting its new headquarters in New York rather than in its home country of Sweden. It’s unclear if whether the new office will serve that role or not, but given the incentives from New York leaders, it seems the state is certainly interested in welcoming more business from Spotify. Gov. Cuomo even made a rock-driven, New York-themed playlist on the service to celebrate the news about Spotify‚Äôs flashy new digs.

Anna Washenko