Spotify bolsters pod subscription business, adding Patreon-exclusive streams

Spotify has built a new piece of linkage between the streaming giant’s platform and Patreon, where many subscription podcasts are managed. The new connectivity allows Patreon subscribers to access their paid-for podcasts within the Spotify app.

It’s a smart move for Spotify, retaining subscription listening which previously happened off-platform.

“Starting today, you can connect your Spotify and Patreon accounts to access patron-exclusive podcasts right where you’re already listening to your favorite audio content,” Spotify notes in its announcement. “After months of testing, we’re excited to share that this partnership is now available for all creators.”

The project was announced in March.

“Spotify’s partnership with Patreon underscores our commitment to give creators more power and choice, and provide listeners with access to different types of content,” says Gustav Söderström, Co-President and Chief Product and Technology Officer at Spotify.

Brad Hill