Spotify adding 60,000 new users a week in Australia

spotify logo square canvasSpotify said that it adds nearly 60,000 new users per week in Australia and about 20,000 new users a week in New Zealand. It also said that a quarter of Australian’s population has at least tried out the platform. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 30% of Spotify’s Aussie users pay for the premium subscription. The streaming service has been active in the Australian market for three years.

Kate Vale, Spotify’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, said that the partnerships with brands such as Vodafone, Playstation, and Uber helped support the brand’s growth. She predicted that the Australian music market would see consolidation until three or four streaming platforms remain. Vale added that there is no date for when Australian listeners will get access to the new Spotify features such as podcasts and video content.

Anna Washenko