Spanish Online Radio Association to certify internet radio and podcasting

aero-logo-300wAERO, the Spanish Online Radio Association, has announced that it will develop a comprehensive certification of Spanish internet radio stations and podcasts. The work will culminate in a “Certified Directory of Online Radio,” to be published in December.

Inclusion in the directory will be based on Spanish audience, not necessarily Spanish audience. In other words, if a streaming source can verify Spanish listeners, that source can be verified for inclusion.

“All the radio stations or podcasters across Internet with have the chance to certify their audience based on their steaming or hosting information, with the objective of acquiring advertising support.”

The certification exercise is designed to provide a sort of seal of approval to the data supplied by streaming entities to advertisers. The result will clarify “who is who at this field,” according to an announcement sent to RAIN News.

AERO (Asociation Espanola de Radio Online) says that with this venture it is adopting the role of a certification agency, “an essential figure to guarantee the success of the Online Radio.”

National and international podcasters who can demonstrate Spanish listenership are invited to participate by sending an email request to: certificacion@aeroasociacion.es. Those requests must be received by October 1. After that, streaming and hosting information will be collected in the first two weeks of November.

The final certification directory will be available online for download.

Brad Hill

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