Sennheiser working with Tidal in new sound optimization app

Captune appHeadphone maker Sennheiser released an app called CapTune for optimizing sound in mobile listening. CapTune offers control over fine-tuning the listening experience, including A/B testing setup options and saving different sound profiles. It also lets you assemble playlists within the app with music from different sources; for now, that only covers music stored locally on the phone and music from Tidal.

Yes, the oft-beleagured Tidal is the first streaming partner for this new app. The music company’s focus on audio quality and lossless audio experience for premium subscribers makes it a good match for this type of audiophile app. It’s the first integration of this nature Tidal has made. There has been no word yet about if or when Sennheiser will look to support additional streaming services. The program is already available on the Apple App Store and will launch soon for Android.

Anna Washenko

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  1. good to hear, literally, because to promote yourself as a premiere creme dela creme streaming service and yet have no EQ option is crazy.

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