Scripps announces promotions for several executives

Adam Symson

E.W. Scripps had some shake-ups within its top leadership this month. Adam Symson took on the role of president and CEO on August 8. He joined the media company’s corporate team back in 2003, and rose through the ranks to the C-suite, most recently holding the post of chief operations officer.

Since stepping into that CEO position, Symson has made some additional changes to Scripps’ executive team. Vice President of Digital Operations Laura Tomlin has been promoted to Senior Vice President, National Media. In this capacity, Tomlin will oversee podcasting company Midroll Media, audio platform Stitcher, news network Newsy, humor brand Cracked, and lifestyle outfit SimpleMost. Scripps Washington Bureau, which includes investigative reporting and podcast production, will also fall under her purview.

Laura Tomlin

Brian Lawlor has also been promoted from Senior Vice President of Broadcast to President of Local Media. Lisa Knutson was Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, and her new role is Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. Finally, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Tim Wesolowski and Senior Vice President, General Counsel William Appleton have both been given Executive Vice President titles.

Anna Washenko