Rumor Fact(ory): Spotify tries to acquire Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for podcast exclusive

It’s all over the entertainment press, each piece of coverage inching closer to “confirmed” than the last. (See The Mirror HERE.)To us it is still a Rumor Fact(ory) item, but certainly plausible: Spotify offering (or preparing to offer) an exclusive podcast deal to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

“Oh, for their podcast,” you might be thinking, as you file a  mental note to search for it later. No, they do not produce one … although there are plenty of podcasts which talk about them, like Royally Obsessed, ROYALSand Pod Save the Queen.

If Spotify is in pursuit, or has even scored its deal, it would certainly be another headline investment in original podcasting for the audio platform, almost as buzzworthy as recent dealmaking triumphs with Joe Rogan and Michelle Obama. The dollars might be relatively modest on Spotify’s balance sheet, though — The Mirror quotes unnamed sources who say that a seven-figure deal is in the works. That would be under $10,000,000. Not that most people wouldn’t graciously accept that offer, but Rogan got $100-million. Of course, he’s done a few shows while Meghan and the Prince would be rookies.

“The Duke and Duchess have been on their hit list for a while and a detailed proposal is set to be presented to Meghan’s US agent in a matter of weeks,” according to The Mirror.


Brad Hill