Rumor Fact(ory): Spotify targeting Middle East launch in November

Spotify’s next global move appears to be focused on the Middle East and North Africa. An email leaked from an advertising agency based in Dubai revealed that the streaming service is seeking brands to advertise at a November launch in the region. Despite the rumors, Spotify is not disclosing more information about this potential move. “Spotify’s ultimate goal is to be available in every country, but we don’t currently have any news to share on a launch in the Middle East,” a representative told Music Business Worldwide.

There are other streaming services that will compete with Spotify if it does move ahead into the Middle East. Most notably, Deezer recently received an investment of €160 million and entered a partnership with Rotana, a diversified media company specializing in Arab music. Other international services like Apple Music and local ones such as Anghami are also already operating across the region.

Anna Washenko

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