Rumblings of bad news for CÜR Media

Cur logo canvasIt appears all is not well at CÜR Media. Several months ago, the company was touting a new approach to streaming with a service called CÜR Music that used gated access and social sharing to offer streaming at price points below the $9.99-a-month standard. Now, though, CÜR has reportedly failed to make its quarterly SEC filing, citing “unreasonable effort or expense” as the reason for the delay. An unnamed source from CÜR told Music Business Worldwide that employees have been encouraged to seek other positions.

There has alread been shuffling at the upper levels. Sanjan Dhody resigned from the board of directors and Music Technology Director Mark Edwards appears to have left the company too.

CÜR received financing of $2 million in April, but that may not have been enough to pay its content providers. The month prior, CÜR did not make its licensing payments to the three major labels on time, a further sign of trouble.

Anna Washenko