RIAA U.S. sales database update precedes hotly anticipated 2017 report

The RIAA has updated and re-released its U.S. sales database. The interactive charts show the trends in music sales by revenue and by volume broken out by year. The statistics include different formats ranging from 8-tracks and cassettes to on-demand subscription streaming. The charts can be adjusted to show just particular formats or the entire industry snapshot. For instance, the example below reflects the revenue arcs for LP/EPs, CDs, album downloads, and single downloads.

The database current reflects the RIAA’s data through 2016. Streaming was responsible for 51% of the industry’s revenue in that year, making it the largest revenue source. The report from the first half of 2017 indicates that the trend of streaming dominance will likely continue, as it grew to a 62% share of the market and contributed revenue of $2.5 billion. The full 2017 report is due out in March, and we expect very big numbers for streaming.

Anna Washenko