RIAA gets subpoenas to unveil operators of two stream-ripping sites

The RIAA has been doggedly continuing its legal fight against piracy, and has made progress in identifying the operators of stream-ripping sites. The trade group recently collaborated with Music Canada and the IFPI to force illegal file-hosting service DBR.ee offline. The RIAA also obtained subpoenas from domain registrar NameCheap and internet security and performance company Cloudflare to reveal the users behind Y2Mate. Cloudflare was also subpoenaed for information about DBR.ee.

These results are positive news for the RIAA. Earlier this year, the group filed an appeal to try to continue combatting two stream-ripping websites operated by Tofig Kurbanov. It can be difficult for the courts to keep pace with the rate of technology’s changes, and arguments about safe harbors and revenue streams can create loopholes for illegal site to continue operating.

Anna Washenko