Podcasting analytics startup Backtracks lands seed funding

Backtracks has raised a seed round in support of its work to provide podcasters with listener metrics. The Austin-based startup secured $2.1 million in a round led by Moonshots Capital.

The hosting and analytics company collects data around performance and listener behavior to offer insights such as whether an episode download translates into a play and where a person listens. It says this information can help podcasters to better tailor content and advertisements to their audiences.

“Podcasts and spoken-word audio content are experiencing massive growth with an expected 53 percent increase in listenership over the next four years,” Backtracks CEO Jonathan Gill said. “Backtracks allows audio content creators and brands harness the power of that growth to own their revenue and drive audience growth.”

“Audio, and specifically podcasts, is one of the fastest growing consumer channels and one of the most efficient for advertisers,” said Kelly Perdew, co-founder and managing general partner at Moonshots Capital, as well as Backtracks’ newest board member. “Backtracks’ unique and in-depth solutions for audiences, content creators, and brands unlocks extreme value in the market.”

Anna Washenko