Rdio adds nine countries, spans six continents — listen to the celebratory 60-country playlist here

Listen to Rdio’s 60-country Playlist

On-demand music service Rdio blog-announced its expansion to nine more countries, bring its total international footprint to 60 nations across six continents. To celebrate its latest territorial expansion, Rdio assembled a 60-country playlist. It’s four and a half hours of rich music discovery, and an effective way to introduce newcomers to the service (including the shiny new commercials).

“Welcome Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia in Europe as well as Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, and Thailand in Asia,” said the announcement.

Rdio is on the move in more ways than one, as the popular celestial jukebox has pumped out headlines over the last few months. Most recently, Rdio and broadcast partner Cumulus Media flipped the switch on ad-supported free listening (Cumulus doing the selling), bringing it business-model parity with Spotify. The company also announced a sound-quality upgrade of its entire catalog. A month ago, Rdio signed an important distribution agreement with Grupo Bandierantes, a large Brazilian media company. In march, Rdio gobbled up distressed (but popular) Indian music service Dhingana, vaulting into the Bollywood market.

Brad Hill

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