RAIN Summit Fireside Chat transcript: Alexis van de Wyer (AdsWizz) and Simon Thomas (Omnicom Media Group)

In a RAIN Summit and RAIN News first, we are pleased to offer a complete transcript of a Fireside Chat session from the RAIN Digital Audio Advertising Summit in Chicago, June 4. The team at AdsWizz, a Presenting Sponsor and participant in the onstage conversation, created the transcript for RAIN News readers.

The conversation starts with a broad evaluation of audio as a rising media category of vital importance. The two experts don’t shy away from diving into the weeds on programmatic advertising, listener development, campaign innovations, attribution, scale, and much more. Attendees at the event, which was held in Chicago’s House of Blues, also heard audio advertising examples.

One of the most interesting topics was “dynamic creative,” in which the served ad refers to conditions for the listeners, such as weather and time of day.


Brad Hill