RAIN Notes: Wednesday, June 26

Jottings of note:


Do And Don’t

“I’m a big fan of failure,” Eric Nuzum says in a recent entry in his Audio Insurgent series, Why Podcasts FailIt’s all about trying big, untested podcast ideas, admitting when they don’t work, and learning from all that. Never one to spare the ink, Eric breaks out five lengthy explanations of common reasons for failure. Then, common excuses which are NOT on the legit-failure list (including “the audience doesn’t understand it.” Finally, five requirements for non-failure (as distinct from success), and five requirements for avoiding failure. One of them is a gang. READ


Exclusive Deal

Libsyn Ads has signed an exclusive ad partnership deal with entertainment production company Mark Haynes Productions (MHP). Libsyn will sell ads for MHP’s first foray into podcasting — an audio drama called HINDSIGHT: The Day Before. It drops July 22, and is a supernatural thriller featuring what today’s promo calls “an A-list principal cast.” It’s based on a TV series created by Haynes. Sponsors will be offered LibSyn’s Automated Ads, and host-read placements.


June 26, 2024

Brad Hill