Hark Audio extends its listening model with podcast clip alerts

Hark Audio, a podcast curation service which organizes highlight clips from a wide range of shows, is today launching The Conversation. It is a collection of 3-5 minute clips from a diverse range of podcasts. ‘Think of it as a Google Alert, but for podcasts,” the company says.

Hark characterizes its service as “A lifeboat on the open sea of millions of podcasts.”

The first edition of The Conversation is set for tomorrw (June 28), intentionally leveraging the June 27 presidential debate as a key topic. It will be curated and hosted by David Plotz, co-host of Slate’s Political Gabfest.Plotz will also provide commentary around the clips.

In learning about this product, we were curious about permissions to clip and email podcast excerpts. Hark Audio sent us this explanation:

“When Hark features clips from podcasts via its partnerships with major brands, like its partnership with Starbucks, it puts in place a license agreement with each network and show that lays out an approval process for the show to approve any clip featured, along with the revenue share Hark pays to the show.”

Brad Hill