Radioplayer Canada crosses 1-million downloads

We saw a note from Michael Hill, Founder and Managing Director of Radioplayer, that the Canadian version of the streaming radio app has exceeded one-million downloads. “Congratulations to our Radioplayer Canada team for passing this milestone,” Hill noted in a LinkedIn post.

Radioplayer Canada is a property of Corus Entertainment, a major Canadian radio/media group. Nearly 500 Canadian radio stations have streams on the multilingual app. Participants range from major networks like Corus and Rogers Media to college and grassroots local stations.

Canadian listeners spend about 3.7-million hours a month listening to the app, according to Global News in Canada (also owned by Corus).

“Two and a half years ago, the majority of Canadian radio broadcasters joined together to collaborate on technology in order to make radio listening easy for the audience — whenever, wherever and however they want,” says Julie Adam, board chair of Radioplayer Canada, Senior VP of Rogers Radio, and a speaker at RAIN Summit Canada.

The graphic below, from Global News, illustrates how the app works:


Brad Hill