Radionomy and TargetSpot combine

targetspot radionomy 620px

TargetSpot, the leading digital audio advertising network, and Radionomy, a leading streaming platform for pureplay producers and broadcasters, have created a business combination which intends to expand the geographic reach and technological scope of each company. Not an acquisition, the combined ad-network entity is called TargetSpot, while both organizations report to a Radionomy holding group based in the Netherlands, according to Mitch Kline, CEO of TargetSpot.

Arcane legal definitions to the side, the amalgam expands TargetSpot’s reach into Europe, where it plans to open offices in France, Germany, and Spain. On Radionomy’s side, it now enjoys a closer relationship with advanced ad-serving technology for its thousands of audio streams.

RAIN spoke with Kline, asking whether this new organization changes anything for existing TargetSpot clients. “It doesn’t affect them at all,” Kline responded. “Long term it will help all our clients. We’re enhancing our tools and advanced targeting. Radionomy has tools that will help us on the tech side be even more client focused.”

Kline emphasized that in day-to-day operations, the two companies will still operate independently to avoid conflicts of interest, citing other holding-company examples in the radio industry. “Radionomy was one of our largest publishers before,” Kline said. “It will remain one of our largest publishers. We serve the advertiser’s needs.”

Brad Hill