Internet listening breaks records in October

Internet listening reached all-time highs in October, according to data released by Triton Digital in its Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker.

The much-scrutinized monthly report shows that Internet listening among Triton’s to-20 clients speared into new territory in Average Active Sessions (AAS). The cumulative number of AAS was 2,205,211 for domestic listening from 6:00am to 12:00am, Monday through Sunday. Top-line listening growth represents a 5% percent gain from the previous month.

Within the ranking, the best nominal month-over-month success belonged to market leader Pandora, which dramatically led the top-20 field by gaining over 85,000 average active sessions. In percentage terms the monthly top-gainer was Cox Radio, which grew active sessions by 25 percent. The largest monthly drop-off is attributed to EMF, whose October metrics tracked at 89% of September.

The long-term historical trend of the top five leaders (see chart below) shows Pandora’s dramatic climb over the past four years, and its increasing dominance in October after a precipitous dip during the summer.

Triton October historical trendlines 640w


Year-over-year, we see 19% growth in cumulative listening over October, 2012, based on Average Active Sessions. In this longer timeframe, Pandora grew its number by 20%, or over 277,000 sessions. The percentage growth leader in this view was NPR, which more than doubled (105%) its sessions.

The following chart illustrates cumulative year-over-year listening growth, with the top five leaders called out.

Triton October year-over-year cumulative 640w

Here is the Top 20 domestic list from Triton Digital, organized by Average Active Sessions, domestic streams from 6:00am to midnight.

Triton October domestic ranker sheet


Domestic market leader Pandora does not appear in the international All Streams Ranker, shown below.

Triton October international ranker sheet



Brad Hill