Quick Hits: Vinyl, iHeartMedia, Starbucks, and songs of the summer

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Another spin on the vinyl resurgence: We see regular reminders about vinyl having a new hey-day, and that renewed interest has meant good things for the people who cut records for a living. The Los Angeles Times covered the trend, including a profile on Capitol Records’ vinyl expert Ron McMaster.

iHeartMedia turns to a future-proofing plan: AdWeek published a feature on iHeartMedia and its changing business. “Our strategy has been, don’t guess, just go everywhere,” Darren Davis, president of iHeartMedia Networks and iHeartRadio, said. “It’s all about ubiquity for our broadcast brands.” That means the company is exploring lots of new tech from virtual reality to Snapchat.

New stories from Starbucks: Starbucks has long had music industry ties, and now it’s pushing into even more forms of content. The coffee company is releasing Upstanders, a multimedia collection of stories told in podcasts, articles, and video. It will all be distributed on the Starbucks mobile app. The ten episodes aim to inspire with their tales of everyday kindness and citizenship.

Spotify songs of the summer: It’s September, which means we’re officially closing the curtain on summer. Accordingly, Spotify has shared the top songs from the season. Check out the top tracks both worldwide and for the U.S.

Anna Washenko