Quick Hits: The state of streaming; Aussie online radio; live but not in person; Google/Spotify deal debate

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

The state of streaming: Quartz published a state of the union article about streaming music. Check out its assessment of what’s happening in the music business right now, from tech brand involvement to licensing data to the one place where Spotify is turning a profit.

Online radio in Australia: The land down under is quietly but steadily growing its base of online radio listeners. [International Business Times] 

Live but not in person: Digital music isn’t just about releasing albums and singles.¬†Forbes¬†examines the business behind event promoters who make shows available for free online and how that move can impact ticket sales.

Google/Spotify deal debate: Yesterday’s rumors that Google made it into negotiations with Spotify had the Internet all abuzz. The Guardian broke down the buzz and offered a clear assessment of the reasons for and against such a deal.

Brad Hill