Quick Hits: Sony and Spotify

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Sony would consider its own streaming service: Major labels and streaming services can have a contentious relationship, but a Sony exec indicated that it could take that to another level. “Do we want to take all our stuff off a major streaming platform?” Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer asked in a BBC Radio 4 interview. “No… because we have an arrangement that’s working for both of us at the moment. But the next chapter, which might be in five years, who knows?” Stinger said the company wouldn’t rule out launching its own streaming service that would rival Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Happy birthday to Spotify: Spotify is celebrating its 10th birthday, and in typical fashion, the company is marking the occasion with data. A recent blog post shared some highlight performances from its platform over the past decade. In addition to noting some all-time greats (no surprise, Drake and Ed Sheeran figure prominently), there’s also a list of Spotify’s top songs from each year of its operation. A nice stroll down memory lane.

Brad Hill

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  1. “Do we want to take all our stuff off a major streaming platform?” This is SUCH A STUPID IDEA SONY. This is as bad of an idea of insisting on Memory Stick when everything else was using standardized, faster and better SD cards.

    It’s all about the playlist now. If you can’t put your tracks into a playlist because they’re silo’ed on a different platform, they’re not going to get the traction.

    He seems to have forgotten Sony tried their own service in the past, it failed, and now Spotify is the provider on Playstation. https://www.engadget.com/2015/01/28/playstation-spotify/

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