Quick Hits: Podcasts in Spanish and in French, plus smart speakers at work

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Interview with Jack Hobbs of reVolver Podcasts: Podcasting is truly a universal phenomenon. Jack Hobbs, president of reVolver Podcasts and former Univision exec, gave an interview to Forbes about audio in Hispanic communities and his career of catering to that audience. “I wanted to lead the shift to digital for Hispanic audio offerings and help modernize the landscape in terms of language, content, and accessibility of programs,” he said.

Duolingo’s French podcast: Language learning platform Duolingo has been tapping podcasts as a way to help its students with both immersion and cultural understanding. Its latest show is in English and French, and Forbes takes a look at how the program embodies multiple current podcasting trends.

Voice tech and smart speakers at work: Smart speakers are taking off around the house, but will they achieve the same popularity in the office? Quartz published a guest post about how this technology could impact workplaces, both positive and negative. The article is a piece of content marketing from a wireless headphone company exec, but it’s also a reminder that voice technology may not be the best fit for all situations.

Anna Washenko