Quick hits: Podcasts and sponsorship; workgroup to support electronic music; commentary on Pandora/Serial

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

What does major sponsorship mean for podcasts? Podcasting is still riding a wave of popularity among listeners, and where there is an audience, there will soon be interested advertisers. Wired ran an article about how big sponsorships could impact this audio format, which has most frequently been financed by passionate listeners.

New workgroup to support the business of electronic music: The Music Business Association and the Association for Electronic Music have joined forces to launch the Electronic Music Workgroup. This organization is intended to let representatives from the world of electronic music discuss the commercial aspects of their craft. It will have a focus on using digital tools and resources to maximize revenue opportunities. “Our Electronic Music Workgroup will ensure that major issues facing the genre are addressed and dealt with by those who know the most about it, allowing all artists and companies in the space, not to mention the music business as a whole, to benefit,” said Robby Towns, Music Biz’s director of digital strategy and community.

A sunny outlook on Pandora/Serial: Fast Company associate editor John Paul Titlow discussed the recent deal between Pandora for exclusive streaming of smash hit Serial’s second season. Titlow’s outlook on the arrangement is that it should be a win for all parties, getting an audience of millions to potentially get on the roaring podcast bandwagon.

Anna Washenko

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